Flowpack film

Modern, fast flowpackers (both horizontal and vertical) make ever greater demands on packaging films. High speeds = short sealing times. The market also demands ever thinner materials to reduce costs. In close cooperation with our R&D department and our raw materials suppliers we work continuously on new formulas so that our films perform optimally on all machines.

  • Horizontal/vertical applications
  • Mono/Duplex/Triplex
  • Low/medium/high barrier
  • Easy peel
  • Hot tack
  • Resealable on PSA basis
  • High transparency
  • High puncture resistance
  • Sterilisable
  • Pasteurisable
  • Freezer proof
  • PMS coloured
  • Frontal/sandwich printable
  • Flexo printing up to 10 colours
  • Rotogravure printing up to 11 colours
  • Paperview
  • Laser scribing
  • Micro, Macro and Laser perforation from 60 micron